Roundabout at the Lucas Food Store?

Every local knows about the Lucas Food Store. It’s been there forever and is kind of a landmark. They have a comma that keeps falling off the sign so it looks like they’re selling “bait sandwiches”. Anyway, last week the Lucas City Council passed a resolution asking the Texas Department of Transportation to consider a roundabout at that intersection of Lucas Road and Southview Drive.

I grew up with a roundabout at Coit and Beltline in Richardson. It never bothered me, but I have to admit, I had to have my head on a swivel. It was taken out decades ago when both streets were widened to 6 lanes. To this day, you can be sure any Facebook page related to the Richardson of old will be full of stories about that circle.

This intersection really backs up with drivers returning home on weekdays, so anything will be an improvement. If it’s approved it will be interesting to see how drivers manage to navigate it.