We Visit ShangriLlama

One of the fun things about our business is we get to meet so many interesting people with so many different interests. We just had one of our more memorable experiences.

These clients were specifically looking for a unique home with extra land to grow their llama business. We found the perfect home for them in Royce City. The castle home literally looks like it was built for them. They already had the body armor and dragon sculpture.

The grand opening for ShangriLlama was on New Year's day and we were invited. It was both fun and educational. Believe me, if you want to learn about llamas, this is the goto place and the LOVE their llamas.

The garage was converted to a temperature controlled barn so the llamas can get out of the rain and move inside when it's too hot. They have two televisions and the owner says they will only allow the Animal Channel to be played in there.

Paul, seen in the video below, is one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet. His wife Sharon calls the shots when it comes to creature comforts. Their llamas are pampered!

The owners have been working with llamas for over 10 years and are highly regarded for their knowledge. They've even had their llamas on television when they were in California.

Visitors from all over Texas visit ShangriLlama for llama walks and classes. It's only about half an hour from Lucas (on the other side of Lake Lavon) and a nice drive through the country. The link to their website is shangrillama.com.