Sunni Sutton Sells a 58 Acre Tract of Land in Commerce

Sunni did her usual great job of representing the buyer on this 58 acre tract of land. The buyer actually found the property themselves so we can’t take credit for that, but Sunni did help seal the deal, so I feel like we earned our fee.

This property was listed for $205K, or about $3,490 per acre. It’s kind of hard for me to wrap my mind around those prices when lots in Fairview and Lucas are selling for as much as $500K per acre.

Back Story – There were two offers on this property, but Sunni came up with a creative way to satisfy the seller so her clients ended up with the winning bid. There are little tricks of the trade experienced agents will use to push their client’s offer to the front of the line.

This is the third multiple offer transaction in a row Sunni has prevailed on while representing her buyer clients. There were five offers on the first property, three on the second, and as I mentioned, this property had two. It says a lot for her that she’s getting these deals done. There’s no prize for second place when it comes to negotiating property sales.

As always, we thank our buyers for trusting us to assist them with the transaction. We’re nothing without our clients.