The Grisak Group Gets “The Clean Sweep”

The Grisak Group had a clean sweep in December. We were #1 in number of new listings, sold volume, and written volume (properties going into title).

I’d love to say we get this every month, but that wouldn’t be true. We’re in an office with 225 other excellent agents and they’re always pushing us. So when it happens, I like to give a shout out to our Team.


We also had two agents, Sunni Sutton and me, in the top ten for December. To get into the top 10 agents in our office for December, the minimum GCI (gross commission income) for the month was $45K and that went all the way up to over $100K. Those are big numbers for December when sales usually are slow.

Our KW Allen finished 2019 as the number one office in all of Collin County yet we have a third the number of agents of some of the other offices. We usually have more market share in cities like Allen, Fairview and Lucas than the next four offices combined.

If you’re curious how the KW Allen office has become so dominant, it isn’t luck and it isn’t coincidence. It’s a combination of many things, and one of those is depicted in the picture below.


This is a shot of today’s weekly KW Allen office meeting. These agents aren’t required to attend. They’re there to stay in touch with the other agents on their new listings and keep up with the things our office is doing. We also go around the room and allow agents to thank other agents who have helped them in some way. It’s all part of the Keller Williams culture.

If you’re impressed with what we’re doing over here and want to be a part of it, you can be. Just give me a call or email and we can talk about it. 972.359.1553