The Grisak Group “Off-Market” Home Sales Program

Over the past two years, The Grisak Group has sold three $2 Million homes off-market and we’re currently working on a fourth. By “off-market” I mean these homes were not listed on the MLS at the request of the sellers. The two homes you see below are examples of two of those sales. So why am I sharing this with you?


We see a need for another outlet to sell homes in a more non-traditional sense. Although we’re huge fans of the MLS and how well it works, often times homeowners wanting to sell their homes don’t want to go that route. They’re more patient about selling their home and prefer a more private and controlled method of finding a buyer. That’s where we can help. For those reasons, we are implementing an off-market program which can benefit both buyers and sellers.

In our new off-market program, here’s what we won’t do …

  • list the seller’s home on the MLS.

  • announce the home on our website.

  • place a “For Sale” sign on the property.

  • place a lockbox on the door

  • share information about the home to agents outside of our own team

  • our normal staging, photography, and copywriting (property description)

  • record the sale on the MLS protecting the privacy of both the buyer and seller

And here’s what we will do …

  • qualify the financials of the buyers who have contacted us about the possibility of purchasing an off-market home

  • compare buyer requirements with the homes owned by those who have contacted us about selling their homes off-market

  • if there’s a potential match, we’ll contact the homeowner about the opportunity, tell them about the potential buyer, and find out if they’re willing to allow a showing. The buyers will never know the address of the home until the seller gives their approval for them to see it.

  • have the buyer sign an agreement stating the information about the home cannot be shared

  • attend the showing with the prospective buyer

From the Seller’s point of view …

  • They will set the price of their home and we’ll make sure the buyer knows the price is not negotiable

  • They’ll have very few showings but the buyers will have been qualified by us beforehand

From the Buyer’s point of view …

  • They know they will not be getting into a multiple offer situation

  • They are seeing homes no-one else knows might be purchased

How can this be attractive to both buyers and sellers?


The Grisak Group has

If you’d like to discuss this further, Erin Hickman, our senior vice president, and I would be happy to come over and explain the process and benefits you might find from our program. Of course, our meeting will be held in the strictest of confidence.

My cell phone is 214.850.1519 and my email is