The Top 4 Features Buyers Love To See On Acreage Property

First, let me clarify I’m not talking about the features of a home itself. That’s an entirely different topic. I’m talking about the property the home is sitting on.

It goes without saying you can’t squeeze all of these things onto a typical small city lot, so these features will mostly relate to lots of two acres or larger. That’s the norm for the area in which I specialize, Fairview, Lucas, and Parker.

And finally, some of these features are the result of mother nature and she’s fickle. That’s why having all four on one property is so unusual. Here are my top four buyer “wants” for acreage properties.



1) Mature Trees – I have a saying “Trees are king in this part of Texas” although people moving here from other areas might snicker when they see what we consider a “wooded lot” or “mature trees” on our MLS. Big trees are unquestionably the number one feature buyers look for in both existing homes and lots to build on. The entire area around Dallas was at one time farmland or prairie. The really old trees (which I consider to be around 40 years old) are there because they either came up on their own around creeks and lakes or they were planted when the older developments came in. As you move into the northern suburbs, you won’t find the big trees unless they’re located around the creeks. Those wooded lots are always the first to sell and at a premium. When people complain that developers are coming in and taking out all the old growth trees, they really aren’t. They’ll save every large tree they can knowing those lots will sell at a premium. The general rule of thumb is the bigger and more plentiful the trees, the pricier the lot.


2) Water – Most people know homes with creek lots command more and again, it comes back to trees. Trees are where the water is. And having a pond (or tank as they’re called in the country) on your property, is also a huge plus. That is, as long as it doesn’t go dry in the summer. Here in Texas we can go months without rain in the summer and ponds not fed by a creek or natural spring will dry up.


3) Fountains – They’re the finishing touch to a pond. You can get a nice fountain for $5K but you still have to run electric. But by doing so, you’ll be taking your property value to another level. There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of falling water and if the lot’s in the city, it also muffles street noises.


4) Iron fencing and Privacy gates – These create a sense of “exclusivity” which a lot of people like, and also privacy, which most people like. Iron fencing the entire perimeter of a property can get expensive depending on the design and height and that goes for the electric privacy gate as well. But buyers love them. With a camera, carriage lights, and two way speakers to the home you’ve created your own sanctuary from the world. No-one will ever come knocking on your door.



I’ve been selling estate home properties for a long time and I can tell you first hand, it’s pretty unusual to find all four of these features together. When those properties do come onto the market, there’s usually a high demand for them.

If you have two or three of these features on your property, you’re going to be a step ahead of your competition when you decide to sell. If you have all four, you’re sitting on a valuable lot regardless of the condition of the home.