Third Quarter Agent Results for Fairview, Lucas, and Lovejoy ISD

The table below was taken directly from the MLS. Right now, at the end of the third quarter, I’m about two times ahead of the second place agent in this area. The average sale price of my listings is $881K.

If this trend holds up, it will be my 19th consecutive year to finish #1 in this area of the MLS. I have no idea how many agents out there have accomplished something similar, but there can’t be many. There are plenty of very good, capable and competent agents competing with me, so every year I have to work harder than the year before to stay on top.

FYI, although the table shows my production at just over $27 million, my sales volume is actually double that, or $54.5 million. That’s because the MLS only credits an agent for half the sale if they only work one side of the transaction, buyer or seller, and I always do. Neither my team members nor I ever “double dip” by representing both sides of the transaction.