This is One Fabulous Fairview Home!

This Fairview home isn't our listing. We didn't sell it and in fact, it's not even for sale. It was a design build for a customer of Homes by J Anthony. So why am I sharing these pictures?

This home is an excellent representation of what today's buyers are looking for. I've walked through a lot of exceptional homes out here, but this one stands out in my mind as well.

Homes by J Anthony is without question the most prolific custom home builder in Fairview and Lucas and they're starting to move into other areas like Celina and Prosper as well. We have several of their lots and homes listed so this will give you a good idea what he can do.

Most custom home builders might have 4-5 homes working at one time. It's all they can handle. Right now, Homes by J Anthony over 30 homes in some degree of construction and many more in the design phase. With that kind of volume, they can buy materials at a real cost savings and also keep their labor busy.

Homes by J Anthony runs at the pace of a tract home builder, however they're anything but. I only half kiddingly call the president Tony Prutch the Henry Ford of custom home building. He reminds me the difference is sellers can pick their own colors.

Tony Prutch, does all the design work himself which serves to really speeds things up in the early phases of a home build. When architects have to approve every design change it can really slow the entire process especially if the architect isn't getting right back with the customer and builder. Tony has removed one of the layers that tends to slow things down.

Tony has a real knack for capturing ideas and concepts and translating them into design features for his homes. He's built many of the finest homes in this area and is without question, the most prolific home builder.

We have several homes and quite a few lots listed with Homes by J Anthony. If you're considering building in Fairview, Lucas, or other parts of Collin County, we'd love to show you our inventory and tour one of his homes with you. You'll like what you see.