This Little Gem Didn't Last Long

Sometimes we just have a feeling one of our listings won't last long. It's usually because it's a unique property and 1540 Ford Lane in Lucas certainly is.

Heavily wooded lots were developed first out here so those homes are usually the most dated. Some are so old, and land costs have gotten so high, sometimes it just makes sense to tear them down and build a new home. But this was a new generation home, less than 10 years old, and already had many of the things buyers wants.

Add to that, this is a smaller home. These days, we just don't see new homes coming out of the ground in Lucas smaller than about 4,000 SF. It just doesn't make sense to build a 3,000 SF home on a $300K wooded lot.

The home is also on a one acre lot whereas most of Lucas is on 2 acre minimums. That means there's less land to take care of, and with all the shade from the trees, it will be minimal.

And finally, the lot is at the end of a quiet little street that dead ends into thousands of acres around Lake Lavon owned by the Army Corps of Engineers. Nights are quiet and you can actually see the stars.

You can't go any further east and be on this side of Lake Lavon, but it's also only about 8-10 minutes from 3 million SF at Stacy Rd and Central Expwy. It feels like country, but there 3 million SF of shopping, entertainment and dining within 8 minutes or so.