This One Didn’t Last Long

When we signed the listing on 1601 Goose Ln in Lucas a couple of months ago, we knew it was going to appeal to a lot of people when it hit the market. We just didn’t know how long it would take to sell priced at $2.3 Million.

There just isn’t a huge pool of buyers who can afford a home in this price range, but we had a good feeling someone would jump on it quickly. And they did.

We had 4 excellent offers within the first two days it hit the market and all were over the listing price. Obviously I can’t tell you where the home sold for, but it was well over the list price.

This was our second barometer in two weeks how the year was going to start out. Here’s another story.

Inventory is very low and there are so many buyers out there looking for a home. If you’re considering selling your home, these are historical times for sellers. Please let me know and we’ll come by and give you a realistic projected selling price and also discuss what needs to be done before it hits the market. Tom Grisak 214-850-1519