Tom’s Podcast with Tony Prutch, Builder

This is a podcast I just finished with Tony Prutch with Custom Homes by J. Anthony. If you live in Fairview or Lucas, especially, you’ve seen their signs. I was curious how he grew his business so quickly (they have 29 homes under construction and in design stage at this moment) and he was nice enough to sit down with me and allow me to ask how he did it.

In the coming weeks, I will also be interviewing Tim Jackson with Tim Jackson Custom Homes, Brandon Bush with Custom Homes of Texas, and hopefully Ron McHam of Ron McHam Custom Homes. The commonality among all of these builders is they all build gorgeous, highly finished out custom homes and they all have sterling reputations. I want to see if I can learn how they differentiate from each other. How did they build their business out here and become the “goto” builders for high end custom homes.

BTW, next up on my podcasts is an interview with Fairview mayor Darion Culbertson from a couple of days ago. Mayor Culbertson is in the final days of his tenure and was nice enough to sit down with me and ask him questions about his term. Things he’s most proud of during his term, unfinished business, and what the future holds for Fairview. So stay tuned for that.

Here’s the Link to the Podcast

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