Two in Title and One New

  This is a funny business. Not “ha ha” funny, but strange funny.

Sometimes you think the properties that will take the longest to sell go under contract quickly and the ones you think will sell quickly seem to languish. What’s frustrating is many times we agents just can’t figure out why. There’s just no rhyme or reason although timing has a lot to do with it.

The first property below, 505 Greenville, Allen, is one we thought would take awhile, at least until next year. Not only is it under contract, we had three offers working on it, two from developers and one from a buyer who was going to live in the home.

To have three deals working on a unique home here in mid-November is pretty amazing. We like to think that’s a testament to our marketing but we also know the positive vibes are reverberating through the real estate market right now. Of course, “it’s never a deal until it’s a deal”, so we’ll see if it closes.

If the home reminds you of Southfork Ranch in Parker, it’s not a coincidence. The same architect designed both homes. The home is in great shape, it just needs updating. The home and 9 acres are priced at $2.995 Million


511 Burke, Lucas, shown below was listed October 17th and is also under contract now. This is less of a surprise going under contract quickly because it’s in Lovejoy ISD and in the “sweet spot” of price points, it was still fast especially for mid-November. The home is listed at $824,00.


And finally, 700 Hwy 5, in Fairview was just listed. This is another Greenville Ave home, but you’ve probably never seen it unless you were invited into the privacy gate. The home is completely hidden behind mature growth. It’s a beautiful property and also very unique.

Way back when, the owners hosted weddings so that gives you an idea of how special the surroundings are. This is such a valuable tract of land surrounded by apartments.

The property is not on the MLS but we’d be happy to show it to you. It’s listed at $2.8 million.