Two Very Nice Google Reviews We've Just Received ...

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

We are so appreciative when our clients take time out of their day to write these reviews. These two reviews pretty much sum up what we always trying to accomplish for our clients ...

We've lived in Lucas for about 16 years and Grisak signs are always part of the landscape. We've known the Grisaks casually for about 10 years. We've had a couple of dogs who like to hang out at their place sometimes over the years. When it was time to sell our home we had no doubt who should be our realtor. But, we did some due diligence anyway. It didn't take long to realize that Grisak was the best option. Every step of the process was top notch. Total excellence and professionalism. Communication was always timely and thorough. Advice was always well considered and helpful. All expectations were exceeded. They sold two properties for us, one in February and one in March, and both deals were flawless. Sean, Kelly and Dina were all very helpful as well as the photographer, stager and writer. Everyone did a great job. Thanks Tom and Rhonda!

Danny Veitch

After listing our Allen Texas home with another agency 12 months, we switched to Kelly Pearson with The Grisak Group in December 2018. In February, (2 months later) they signed a cash contract. The difference we noticed: Their writer spent hours in our home and with us so she could write a property description that was really a work of art. When reading the description, a visual motion picture played in your head. The 18-page property brochure, they developed, was exceptional - I am in the marketing business so I know. Kelly answered the phone immediately when called. Emails and text message response was also immediate. We received formal written feedback on every home showing. The back office support staff was responsive and held our hand through the whole process.

Alan Mead