We Sell Our Second $2 Million Home in Fairview This Year

Not a bad week for Erin either. We just closed on this gorgeous $2.4 million dollar home in Fairview.

Earlier in the year we closed on a $2 million home in Fairview. I honestly thought that would set the bar for the area for some time. It's a very stately and pretty home on a hill surrounded by trees with a gorgeous view to the acreage below. I thought "Well, that's going to be tough to beat for awhile. That will probably set the bar in Fairview for some time"

That is, until we listed 1181 Elm Creek. It was listed for $2.4 Million and is just a phenomenal home. Pick this home up and move it to Beverly Hills and it would fit right in.

Some estate homes are fabulous inside. The grounds are nice, but not dramatic. Other estate homes might have fabulous, manicured grounds, but the home is in need of updating. As you can see from the pictures below, this home has it all.

I wrote a blog several weeks ago about $2 Million now in Fairview is what $1 Million was 15 years ago. Here's the LINK to that article if you're interested.

Erin Hickman did her usual great job of negotiating the sale of the home! We'll be taking all the pictures down in about a week, so if you're interested to see what it looks like, here's the LINK