We Had Three Million Dollar Plus Sales Last Week!

We know the market is healthy when we have three of our listed homes priced at over $1 million sell in the same week. Remember, Fairview and Lucas are relatively small submarkets of the MLS, so this is pretty significant.

I've found when big homes are selling, it's a given the more affordable homes are selling too. But that doesn't work both ways. When the market starts to cool, and eventually it will, the more affordable homes will continue to sell (and be even more in demand), and the million dollar plus homes will sit on the market longer. Right now, we're thrilled all price points are moving.

The home shown below is a brand new Ron McHam Custom Home. Ron is one of the premier custom home builders in the area. The home was listed for $1.7 Million, but don't ask Ron to build another home for you just like this for that price. The buyer added many very custom items himself during the construction.