We pass the baton to the 2019 ALC

I’ll bet most people, even real estate agents, don’t realize KW is agent owned. We have many companies branded differently, just like The Grisak Group, but we’re all under the Keller Williams International umbrella.

Every year, each office selects agents from within to represent the other agents in various decisions. It might be where we’re going to spend our company dollars, what we’re doing in the way of our yearly charitable contributions, or even what we’re planning in the way of our cultural events. Those ambassadors become members of the ALC, or Agent Leadership Council.

I’ve just finished up the first year of serving on the ALC and it was a great experience. It’s an honor to serve on the ALC so the members take it seriously. This gathering was the 2018 ALC, the 2019 ALC, Jim and Linda McKissack, who have one of the powerhouse KW offices in Denton, along with Ken and Susan Hubek and Dick Licare.