We Pull Another Lost Sale Out of the Fire

This has already been a very unusual year for us in many ways. One of the reasons is the number of times we’ve pulled deals out of the fire. We thought we’d lost them, then revived them. Here’s one example and we should be sharing another tomorrow.

1501 Versailles in Allen is a nice home, great neighborhood, and Lovejoy ISD, a highly sought after school district. It was also priced right for a normal market. We felt sure when we took the listing we’d be able to sell it. Of course, at that time we didn’t know there was going to be a 3 month market shutdown right around the corner. The covid scare brought everything to a halt.

We encouraged all of our sellers to hang in there and not panic during the slowest times. No-one knew how long it would take for the market to recover and if it came back strong, they needed their homes out there.

Our sellers were gaining nothing by taking their properties off the market and they sure weren’t being barraged by showings. However, this seller got frustrated and tired of waiting so they decided to take the home off the market. Sure enough, not long after that we had a great offer on the home and ended up closing on it.

Heather Poehler did a great job breathing life back into the deal and we now have a happy seller. The home was priced at $524,900 and sold right in there. Here’s the LINK to the home if you’d like to see what that price gets you in Allen/Lovejoy ISD.

By the way, this is one of thirty homes and lots we had under contract last week. They’re starting to close this week so we’ll have many more sales to share in the coming two weeks.