We're Still Lighting it Up, and It's December

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Earlier this Fall, I was cautioning our sellers about December typically being the slowest month for real estate sales. I do that early in the month every November. People are thinking about the holidays, bringing the family together, and buying a new home isn't on the top of their list. I told them showings would also probably slow down significantly so I just encouraged them to be prepared and not to read too much into it. Was I ever wrong!

I've experienced many years of a very slow November and December. Our company always used that time preparing for the coming year. So no-one is more pleasantly surprised, and grateful, for what we're seeing this month. I never take it for granted, I just ride the horse as long as I can.

I've been talking about have 10 properties closing in December, which is amazing. But that changed today. We now have 11. We have another 10 acre tract of land located in Lucas in title and we're trying to get it closed by the end of the year. That's only two weeks away. We'll see if we can get it done.

We closed on 1401 Red Oak in Fairview on Monday. The listed price was $2.8 million. We sold this home outside of the MLS so it will not be reported. In fact, we didn't even have a sign on the home nor and address on our website.

The beautiful Ron McHam Custom Home is in Oak Meadows of Fairview. We sold the home to the sellers and then sold it for them. Great clients and fantastic to work with. We'll be taking the interior pictures off our site in the near future, and since the home is not on the MLS, this will be your last chance to see them. It really is a phenomenal home. Here's the LINK

Today, we closed on a Lucas home shown below priced at $1.095 Million. The address is 1010 Clove Glen. It's beautifully finished out with a fabulous pool setting.

I can remember not that long ago when a million dollar home sale in Lucas was a pretty big deal. They were rare, but those days are long gone. We'll also be taking them down next week sometime. Here's the LINK

We should be closing on the home you see below within the coming week. You've probably seen it on Greenville Ave just south of McDermott. It's the Allen version of Southfork Ranch. The home is on 9 acres and prices at $2.95 million. This is another home which won't appear on the MLS at the seller's request. The home is very well built, but dated. The value is in the 9 acres of very expensive land which is reflective of the price. Here's the LINK to that property.

Below is a picture of the 10 acre tract on Manor Lane in Lucas that went into title today. It's due to close in two weeks and we think we can get it done. The land is priced at $825K, or $82,500 per acre.

Yes, that's a great price for a wooded lot of this size, but there's one caveat ... it cannot be split. That limited the number of potential buyers but we've had a buyer in place for months on it. It just took the seller awhile to get his ducks in a row. Here's the LINK

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