We Snuck One Last Sale In For The Year

This is a home I predicted would sell quickly, and thankfully, it did. I would have had mud on my face. But these homes are just so hard to find now it just seemed to be a no-brainer. Here’s why

First, land is so expensive in Lucas right now, it doesn’t make sense to pay $250K for a lot, then build a small home. Especially one that’s only 2,138 SF

Second, homes you CAN find of this size are usually much older and in need of extensive updating. This was a newer generation home.

Third, mature trees and wooded lots are simply no longer available. They all sold long ago so you either have to tear a home down and rebuild, or as I mentioned, do a pretty substantial update.

The home was listed for $349K and it breezed through the inspection, financing, and appraisal. I’m sure this is one happy owner today. I’ll be taking the pictures down in a week or so, but you can see it HERE if you’re curious.