We've Just Passed 2.1 Million Viewing Minutes on YouTube

Four years ago, we really didn't do much with YouTube. We posted videos periodically but I never really knew if it was providing any additional exposure for our listings and that was the only thing I wanted it for.

However, I finally decided it couldn't possibly hurt, so we dove right in. One thing about The Grisak Group, once we

commit to something, we go "all in".

Since then, we've uploaded 401 videos to YouTube and as of today, we've had over 2,102,000 viewing minutes on our channel. I didn't even know they tracked that sort of thing but I guess I should have.

I never dreamed our channel would attract that kind of traffic, but now that I know, we're going to add some content you might enjoy. Some of it will allow you to learn a little more about our team and me and you might be surprised. I'll also be adding video about lessons I've learned over the past 35 years of both commercial and residential real estate, so stay tuned.

If you'd like to visit our YouTube channel, here's the link. Once there, you can subscribe by selecting the button seen on the left. If you'd like to be notified immediately of any new videos, just select the YouTube bell icon shown on the right. We'll see you there!