We’re 2/3 of the Way Through The Peak Selling Season and Right In The Thick of Things

If you believe, as I do, the peak selling season runs March through August, we’re 2/3 of the way through it. As of today, our seven agent team is already at $57 million closed and in title, and that’s really cooking. Last year our total production was $62 million so we’re way ahead of our projections and goals.

The homes you see below are our listings only currently under contract in varying price points. This doesn’t include other homes that aren’t our listing where we’re representing the buyers.

To be honest, I was a little concerned this year would turn out like the past two years. We had great activity through May, but starting in June, our team, along with the other 225 agents in our Keller Williams Allen office, noticed a real slowdown. We were wondering where all the buyers were. But this year, it just keeps rockin’ and rollin’.

If you’re thinking about buying, you won’t see a larger inventory of homes on the market than right now. There are a lot of choices. Furthermore, smart sellers realize when school starts in late August, the market historically starts to cool. They’re going to be more receptive to reasonable offers now than they might have been a month or two ago.

If you need help in either buying or selling your home, or just want more information on the real estate market, we’d love to visit with you. Our agents know the area inside and out.