What Should I Expect From My Office in the Way of Training?

I recently posted an article on what new agents should be looking for in the way of a brokerage. That’s the first big decision their going to make. A great office can help you immensely. It all starts with training and the office environment.

If I was getting into real estate brand new, didn’t know the first thing about the business, but was expected to give some of my hard earned money to the office I joined, the chart below shows what I’d be looking for. This is our Keller Williams September training schedule for the Keller Williams Allen office.

Our agents are encouraged to sit in on these and they don’t cost them a dime. These sessions are taught by our top agents who are giving up their time to help others in the office to be successful. That’s part of the KW culture. I’ve always said, if you can’t make it at Keller Williams you’re either not trying or not listening.