What’s $500K Get You in Fairview, Lucas, or Parker?

I was wondering today what was out there for under $500K on at least an acre in FLP (Fairview, Lucas, and Parker). I rarely see these come onto the market so I was curious what you’d get for your money. The table below shows what’s available right now, and that’s five homes.



All of these homes are in Lucas and less than 3,000 SF. All but one are two or three bedrooms and the newest is 20 years old.

Fairview, which typically commands higher prices than Lucas and Parker, has only had two acreage home sales in the past year for under $500K. The table below shows the details on those two homes. Both of those homes are 42 years old and also under 3,000 SF.

Here’s the LINK to see these homes in greater detail.



If you want a home in Fairview, Lucas or Parker on at least an acre for less than $500K, there won’t be a lot of opportunities. When you see one you think will work, don’t drag your feet. Get prequalified beforehand so you’ll be ready to submit the letter along with your offer.

You’ll have to do some updating and might have to add square footage, but the alternative is paying a lot more for another home. Look at it as you’re creating value rather than buying it.

We see every new listing the day it hits the MLS. We know this area and values.

When we see an attractive buy opportunity either for investment purposes or for you to live in we’d be happy to contact you.