Everything Starts With Great Pictures

Everything Starts With Great Pictures

We’ve always believed everything starts with pictures when it comes to selling a home.  Today’s buyers are doing their shopping online from the comfort of their home or office.   They aren’t spending time driving from home to home finding something that appeals to them.  But when they see pictures online that create an emotional attachment with them and it’s within their price range, chances are they’ll take the time to visit the home.  In a nutshell, that’s what we’re always trying to achieve in our photography.

We receive so many compliments about our pictures not only from our clients but also the general public.  In fact, quite often, people who visit our listings tell us the home actually looks better online than in person.  When we hear that we know we’ve done our job. 

In 2023 we spent $42,000 on our photography alone so we take it very seriously.  We could reduce that cost by as much as 80% if we were willing to “settle” for photography from someone who considers themself to be a professional photographer but really isn’t.  Anyone who charges money to take pictures can call themself a professional photographer but there’s much more to real professional photography than that.

So what’s so great about the photographers we use?  They take three identical pictures of every scene with professional grade equipment.  All three pictures have exposure settings to address lighting issues.  That’s just the first step.  

The pictures are then turned over to a professional photo processing specialist and that’s where the magic really begins.  The three identical pictures are digitally blended together so every area within the picture looks great.

To achieve a beautifully enhanced picture without distortion takes time, experience, and the human eye to bring it all together.  No camera has ever been made that can do it all and that’s why the cost is so high.

And by the way, it doesn’t matter if we’re working on a $200,000 or $2 million home, our sellers will always get the best professional photography.  It’s not just a reflection of their home, it’s also a reflection of our company.

How Do You Know If It’s Professional Photography?  
Just Look Through the Windows

One of the easiest ways to determine the quality of the photography is looking at a picture taken towards a window from the opposite side of the room.  Shots from the kitchen, breakfast room, great room, master bedroom or study towards the window are often the most dramatic pictures because people can imagine themselves sitting there looking out through the window.  Those are the ones that can often create that emotional attachment with a home, so how do those pictures look?

Does the room look great but the view through the window is distorted, cloudy or gray, or a bright “hot spot”?  Or is the view through the window clear, crisp and full of color but the colors in the room appears washed and detail is lost?  That’s going to be your choice if pictures aren’t professionally enhanced.  It’s an “either/or”.  When you see a beautiful picture with vibrant color and clarity both inside and through the windows, that’s professional photography.

The smartest thing you can do before hiring any listing agent is to go online and look at the pictures they are posting keeping in mind what was discussed here.  Here are some of our “inside to outside” views.