Yes, You Can Still Buy a Lovejoy home for $500K

I just wrote an article about the prospects of being able to buy home in Lovejoy ISD for $500K. I mentioned there are three types of properties that provide that opportunity. They are …

  1. A production home, maybe 10 to 20 years old
  2. A 30 to 40 year old “ranchette” on 1-3 acres requiring substantial updating or
  3. A teardown where all value is in the land.

I noticed this evening this home in Lucas/Lovejoy priced at $500K just went under contract and it had only been on the MLS for three days. It fits the second profile perfectly.

Here’s the article I wrote on what you can expect for $500K in Lovejoy ISD and Here’s the MLS Printout on the home shown below.