Dina Addas

Director of Operations, Realtor®

Dina Addas is our Director of Operations. When we prepare for a listing or receive a contract the responsibilities fall into Dina’s arena, and she’s very, very good at what she does. Among her many duties, Dina is responsible for checking to make sure all paperwork is filled out completely and there are no missing documents. She’s another set of eyes before the contract goes to our Keller Williams compliance department.  Dina has a position which sometimes requires the patience of a saint. Sometimes our clients don’t realize the importance of timelines and aren’t responding as quickly as needed. Or the agent on the other side of the transaction might be dragging their feet. Maybe the title company has dropped the ball, so it’s all up to Dina to keep things moving so our clients are in compliance and are protected. Dina works very closely with our agents and they rely on her to take care of the myriad of tasks whether they are representing the buyer or seller on the transaction. She’s wonderfully creative and a loyal team member.