Two Stories About the Sonic on Stacy Rd in Allen – One Old and One New

I’ve got two stories to share about the Sonic on Stacy Rd right across the street from Fairview. I took this first picture a long time ago and before all the retail came in on Stacy Rd and Central Expwy. This was the only “restaurant” unless you drove further into Allen. I thought it was pretty neat the locals could ride their horses up for a bite to eat, but sadly, those days are over.

I took this second picture to the right at the same Sonic today. While I was waiting for my drink I saw this gentleman, full speed walking around the entire premises picking up straws and all the paper trash. I thought, man he’s moving fast.

He wasn’t wearing a Sonic uniform and he was working so fast, I just assumed he was the manager. My natural curiosity got to me, so I asked the person who delivered my drink if that’s who he was. He told me he’d never seen him before.

Now I was really curious. Why would someone who doesn’t even work at the store be picking up their trash for them. Rhonda rolls her eyes when I do this, and I do it often, but she wasn’t with me at the time and I had to know.

I pulled up and asked the gentleman if he was the manager thinking the kid who brought my drink just hadn’t met him. He said “no”. When I asked why he was picking up their trash he told me he lives a mile or so away and walks by this Sonic every day. He always stops by and picks up their trash never slowing down so he still gets a good workout.

When I asked why, he said the manager has always been very nice to him so he was returning the favor. How amazing is that? There are lots of great people out there.