The Advantages of Working With a Real Estate Team

I was a "one man shop" or lone agent for many years.  I took pride in the fact I could outperform and provide better service than any team out there.  I actually used that as part of my listing presentation when competing against teams for listings.  And back then, it was true, but as my business grew, I realized I had to make changes.  To continue to provide the services my clients deserved, I had to start a team.

Early on, I only four or five listings at a time.  I could stay on top of every detail, every negotiating point, and anything else pertaining to those listings.  But once my market share started growing, the number of listings grew to 20 to 30 listings at any one time.  I thought I could continue to work as a lone agent, but to be perfectly honest, I started making mistakes. 


Thank goodness, my mistakes weren't big, but I was disappointed in myself letting them happen.  I also knew some day my luck might run out and I might make a mistake or oversight that really could hurt a client.  That's when I decided to start my own team so I could provide the kind of service and attention my clients expected and deserved.

If an agent only has a few listings to maintain, they should be able to stay on top of them.  But working alone, they still have to find time to service all of their buyer clients, seller clients, personal family time, and the day to day life issues that come up with everyone.  If they're doing it all themselves with no support, they can run into problems. 

Speed and response time are critical when it comes to selling a home.  This is a fast moving business.  If things bog down because an agent is out of touch, or out of town, a seller can easily lose a sale.  Buyers will just move on to the next home.


In a team scenario, the other team members and administrative assistants are always there ready to step in and help if there's a crisis.  It's a great feeling being part of a team knowing your back is covered.  If the team is set up correctly, the clients should get more attention, not less. 

We have specialists who handle the initial listing setup.  They make sure the myriad of tasks we have on every new listing are taken care of.  Nothing is missed or falls through the cracks.


Once the agent negotiates the terms of the sale and the property goes to title, we have another specialist who ensures our sellers meet all of the contract deadlines and remains in compliance with the terms of the contract.  

Selling a home is a very complex process requiring coordination between the buyer, seller, buyer agent, listing agent, lender, appraiser, surveyor, home warranty company, repair contractors, and on and on.  It  takes a team to do it right and make sure our clients are protected.